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Elevating death literacy through relatable content.

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Simply put, we're making death and dying less scary.

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Your go-to for death doula trainingand compassionate death guidance.

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Bold, brave, and dedicated: the essence of who we are. We are death doulas.  

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Hi I'm Lauren, death doula, and owner and founder of Dear Doula, a dynamic leadership development company focused on elevating death literacy through relatable content.

We are dedicated to supporting the Death Doula community through transformative collaboration, training, business building, and empowering individuals to make thoughtful end-of-life decisions.

What's a Death Doula?

A non-medical practitioner who provides navigation and compassionate holistic support to a dying individual and their loved ones through their end-of-life journey, between dying, to death, and beyond...(and so much more.)

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