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Empowering Your Purpose: Training & Business Development for Death Doulas

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We've streamlined the death doula path from training to practice, eliminating the guesswork about your next steps.

Doulas come to us because...

Streamlined Path to Practice

We simplify the journey from training to practice, providing a clear and cost-effective solution that cuts through the confusion of death doula training, ensuring a straightforward and efficient transition.

User-Friendly Systems

Our intuitive systems are designed with a deep understanding of the challenges related to distraction, focus, and/or ADHD, ensuring a supportive environment for individuals navigating these complexities.

Unique Self-Paced Design

Our doulas progress independently through base camps, from initial training to comprehensive skills development, and access post-training systems for building a sustainable practice.

What are Dear Doula Base Camps?

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Our base camps serve as vital support hubs for death doulas. Imagine doulas like Sherpas--mountain guides leading others through difficult terrain; and in our case, leading others through difficult life terrain.

Each camp is designed for doulas to gather essential resources, and gain knowledge needed to skillfully reach the next

camp of their training and practice. 

How do our Base Camps work?

To start, simply select the base camp below that best aligns with your current stage as a doula:

Base Camp One is where aspiring death doulas begin their journey, and existing doulas find a clear path to enhance their end-of-life practice. It's straightforward and unified, your starting point for growth.

Base Camp Two is where doulas build their skills—a pivotal step for those ready to become death doulas with our on-demand certificate death doula training course.

Base Camp Three is the launching pad for trained doulas, from any training program, to elevate their skills and kickstart their businesses. We do this through step-by-step tech guidance, outreach strategy, like-minded community, and so much more—a welcoming space where innovation meets inclusivity for everyone seeking the next level of growth.

Each Base Camp is equipped with the essential resources and support tailored to meet the specific needs of doulas at that stage of their development.

Do I have to start in Base Camp 1?

Nope! We meet you where you are at. No matter where you start, or when you start, you are right on time. All of our base camps are self-paced, with plenty of direction from us at Dear Doula once you arrive. When you join us, you can blend in, or you can stand out and introduce yourself. This is your personal journey, with the pathway forward paved by Dear Doula.

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Base Camp 1 -  

Built for everyone

A dedicated space where community members come together to explore the roles of a death doula. Through focused discussions and educational content, we aim to cultivate awareness specific to the responsibilities and contributions of death doulas in our community. 

This sounds like what I need. I'm interested in becoming a death doula and would like more information...

At Dear Doula, we welcome everyone, especially those in the fact-finding phase of considering a career as a death doula. Whether you're just starting to explore this path or already deep into your research, Dear Doula is the perfect place for you. Join our community to learn from our insights and contribute your own. Together, we're on a mission to elevate death literacy and foster a more informed and compassionate understanding of life's inevitable journey. Welcome to a community where curiosity and compassion intersect - Base Camp One is tailored for you!

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Embark on your training journey towards becoming a death doula and begin your transformative experience at Base Camp Two.

Can I be confident that Dear Doula's Course will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge for the industry? 

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I feel called to this work, but what if I don't have prior experience?

Is this course right for my learning style?

Yes, you can. NEDA recommends that you choose your educational program carefully to ensure that the curriculum covers all that is needed to pass the exam and obtain a NEDA ADC Educator Proficiency Badge. A proficiency badge from NEDA signifies that these Core Competencies have been met. Also know that obtaining a proficiency badge is voluntary;​ many doulas and educators who have been working in their communities for a while may feel that they do not need this extra "stamp of approval" and that's okay. There is no overseeing legal entity that regulates this profession. A proficiency badge is but one step that some will choose to take. Families can know that a practitioner who has earned a NEDA ADC Educator Proficiency Badge has met certain standards. By enrolling in Dear Doula's Course, you'll be fully equipped to earn your NEDA proficiency badge, should you opt to pursue it. Our comprehensive curriculum ensures you gain the essential expertise and understanding required to meet industry standards and excel in your role as a death doula.

Tailored for individuals with no prior death work experience, this course is designed for anyone with past experience in any field working closely with others, offering a platform for continuous growth. No prior experience is necessary, and our easy-to-understand curriculum ensures you can navigate the processes directly. You'll be joining a community of like-minded individuals, many new to the field, but also equally as passionate about creating a more compassionate world. Our course not only imparts invaluable skills but also facilitates a supportive network of fellow learners and mentors. Forge lasting connections that extend beyond the training, creating a network of support that continues to inspire and empower you on your journey as an exceptional death doula. Experience the true value of a course that welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing a seamless path for both personal and professional growth in the field of end-of-life care.

Our course is not just about learning; it's about providing an inclusive and accessible education for all who wish to study with us. Designed with neuro-divergent individuals and/or those who struggle with focus, concentration, or discipline in mind, our methods are concise, eliminating unnecessary fluff and ensuring a streamlined learning experience. Embrace the flexibility of on-demand learning, allowing you to watch each section as many times as needed and progress through the course at your own pace, catering to your unique learning style. As you complete the course, you won't be left on your own. Experience the true value of our support system, waiting to guide you as you embark on establishing your own doula business. With a wealth of assistance and mentorship at your fingertips, you'll have the resources to confidently navigate the path towards becoming a successful and compassionate death doula.

Are you seeking a more purpose-driven life?

If you are, you're in good company. Becoming a death doula is unique opportunity to redefine your purpose and make a lasting impact on the lives of others. Our Death Doula Training Course is not just a program; it's a transformative experience that equips you to navigate the profound complexities of life's final chapter. Embrace the calling to bring comfort, understanding, and solace to those in need. Join us and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, unlocking the profound rewards of becoming a skilled and compassionate death doula.

Qualifications of a Death Doula

Here are some key qualifications and personality traits for a death doula. These qualifications and traits collectively contribute to the holistic and compassionate care that defines a competent death doula. Qualifications: 1. Training: Completion of a recognized death doula training program, demonstrating a solid foundation in end-of-life care practices. 2. Communication Skills: Effective verbal and written communication skills to facilitate open and compassionate conversations with individuals and their families. 3. Empathy and Compassion: A genuine and deep sense of empathy, along with the ability to provide compassionate support during challenging and sensitive moments. 4. Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding and respect for diverse cultural beliefs and practices surrounding death and dying. 5. Practical Knowledge: Proficiency in practical aspects of end-of-life care, including pain management, grief support, and assisting with final wishes. Personality Traits: 1. Empathetic: Ability to connect emotionally with others, understanding and sharing their feelings and experiences. 2. Adaptable: Flexibility to navigate various situations and respond to the unique needs and preferences of individuals and families. 3. Patient: Patience is crucial when providing support during the often slow and challenging process of end-of-life care. 4. Resilient: Ability to cope with emotional challenges and remain composed in the face of difficult circumstances. 5. Non-judgmental: A non-judgmental attitude to create a safe and inclusive space for individuals of diverse backgrounds and beliefs. 6. Excellent Listener: A skillful listener who can truly understand the concerns and desires of those facing end-of-life situations. 7. Team Player: Collaboration with healthcare professionals, families, and other support networks to ensure comprehensive care. These qualifications and traits collectively contribute to the holistic and compassionate care that defines a competent death doula.

Responsibility & Transparency

Dear Doula focuses on providing comprehensive training for death doulas, emphasizing essential skills for compassionate end-of-life care. It's important to note that our training program excludes home funeral practices. This decision is intentional, aiming to streamline core competencies and ensure compliance with local laws. We encourage our participants to independently explore home funeral practices only after familiarizing themselves with the relevant regulations in their local area. Our training program is designed to develop proficiency in compassionate care, effective communication, and holistic support. This approach prepares individuals to become empathetic death doulas ready for diverse end-of-life experiences. For those who have deemed it appropriate in their area based on local regulations, Base Camp 3 includes resources where we can direct you to home funeral experts. This allows participants to expand their knowledge and skills in this specific area while maintaining a strong foundation in essential end-of-life care practices.

Our Training Philosophy 

1. Empowerment through Education: At Dear Doula, we believe in empowering our death doulas through comprehensive education. Our training programs are designed to provide practical knowledge and skills, equipping doulas with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of end-of-life care. By fostering a continuous learning environment, we aim to enhance the confidence and competence of our doulas. 2. Support for Professional Growth: We recognize the value of mentorship in the development of effective death doulas. Our philosophy emphasizes step-by-step processes, where experienced professionals guide and support individuals in their journey. This personalized approach not only facilitates skill development but also nurtures a sense of community within our organization. We believe that ongoing mentorship is crucial for the continuous professional growth of our doulas. 3. Community Engagement and Outreach: Training extends beyond individual skill development; it encompasses community engagement and outreach. Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of doulas actively participating in and contributing to the broader community. By fostering connections and partnerships, we believe our doulas can extend their impact and promote a more compassionate and informed approach to end-of-life care within society.

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Base Camp 3 -  

Is built for all trained Death Doulas

If you're a trained death doula seeking to connect, enhance your skills, and access exclusive content, and advanced business development – including outreach, sales, infrastructure, and user-friendly IT support – then Base Camp Three is for you!

I'm trained death doula, but I'm looking for on-going support

Many death doulas express a common need for better business developmental support. They're passionate about hands-on care but struggle with reaching those who need their help. In Base Camp 3, we'll tackle building effective websites, marketing strategies, navigating social media, and SO MUCH MORE. The goal is to create online spaces that authentically reflect your essence and attract those seeking support. The journey is about giving you practical tools for a successful practice while aligning your business development with the profound impact you aim to make in others' lives during their sacred transition. ​

What if I was trained through another Death Doula program?

Whether you've trained with us at Dear Doula in Base Camp 2, or another training program, Base Camp 3 was designed with you in mind. Contribute your insights, or just grab what you need for your practice. Let's grow together.

Dear Doula originated from my personal experience as a death doula, blending top-notch training with a neuro-divergent perspective to create our unique death doula training course. Drawing from the gaps I noticed between training and real-world practice, I founded Dear Doula to bridge this divide. Our on-demand learning style and practical approach set us apart, offering comprehensive training seamlessly integrated with the intricacies of end-of-life care.

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