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Live with Intensity, Die with Legacy

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Leading Through Fear

Lauren fearlessly taps into the transformative power of loss, infusing that essence into every facet of life.

Fear connects us all. While death ranks high among human fears, the opportunity for real transformation lies in the in-between—the vast expanse of the great unknown. Confronting this fear allows limitless living, unlocking boundless potential.

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Unbound: Fearless Living, Releasing Regret, and Dominating the Inevitable Climb Ahead.


Lauren's intimate journey to facilitate advance care planning for others stems from the sudden loss of Derek. His unexpected passing became the driving force behind her deeply personal mission. Channeling her own grief, she now navigates this path with a compassionate understanding,

offering solace and guidance to

those facing life's


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Derek, 1979-2022

Lauren wrote a book.

We implore you not to procrastinate preparing for life's end. 

We recommend picking up a copy of Lauren's Life and 

Death Guide which gives everyone assessable and affordable guidance to effective end-of-life preparations.  It's the perfect place for beginners to start! 

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It's never too early to plan,but it can certainly become too late.

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